Meet The Team

Screenwise was created by a group of high school students involved in the incubator program. After seeing how attached the new generation is becoming to their electronics they knew it was time to use them for more than just entertainment purposes, but instead to ensure a brighter future.


nick podolak

Chief Executive Officer-

As the CEO, Nick is very eager to make connections and spread the mission of Screenwise. He will be attending college next year and majoring in Entrepreneurial studies as well as broadening his horizons and learning more about how businesses successfully run. He will continue to run Screenwise through the Incubator program at his college.

Vincent sexy.jpg

Vincent Dinh

Chief Operating Officer

With his Co founder Nick, Vincent developed a passion for business especially entrepreneurship since starting Screenwise. Within the company he is in charge of the next steps, finding influencers for the application, and dealing with the financials. He is excited for the future of Screenwise and is eager to help parents control unproductive Screen usage and improve their child’s academic experience !!